Sunday, July 19, 2009

We are an English speaking, agnostic, omnivorous, homeschooling family of four on three acres in the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains in Southern Oregon. Wwoofers ( and work traders are welcome to stay for up to seven days in a lovely, separate apartment that does not have an Internet connection in exchange for about 3 hours of work per day.
We are considered to be in rural Talent, Oregon but are very close to the hip town of Ashland (
This summer we are continuing to turn our old kitchen garden into a small orchard and herb garden. We've got 8 fruit trees planted, some grapes, raspberries and several medicinal and culinary perennial herbs. We are also working on our new garden site. We're working on soil building, figuring out watering systems, and doing minor fence work. We currently house two dairy goats, about 50 chickens and various household pets.
Expected work can include mowing, weeding, cleaning the coop and goat shed, firewood stacking, tree care, food preservation, more weeding, woodland trail clearing, compost building and general garden work.
We welcome singles, couples and families but do not welcome dogs.
Please provide your own transportation, food and sleeping bags.
Contact Heidi Dawn at for availability.